“Kkotge Jjigae” Blue crab stew

완성1Crabs came into season in Korea. If you add a crab in any soup or stew, you’ll definitely indulge in the taste of the broth. You don’t have to prepare other ingredients if you have fleshful and eggsful crabs in your kitchen. ^^ Today’s recipe is Kkotge Jjigae(꽃게찌개), blue crap stew with homemade soy bean paste and red pepper paste.

[Ingredients] Kkotge (꽃게, blue crab), Deonjang(된장, soy bean paste), Gochujang(고추장, red pepper paste), green onion(파), red pepper(고추), water



과정1. Wash thoroughly the blue crabs(3) and cut it into 4 pieces one by one.

2. Put the pieces of the crabs and sliced green onions and sliced red peppers in a pot.

3. Mix soy bean paste(2 spoons) and red pepper paste(1 spoon) in cold water.

4. Pour the broth onto the ingredients in the pot.

5. Boil them until the blue crabs become tender.

완성2Mmmmmm…..The crabs were in full bloom in my stomach. ^^


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