Jeju Island

용눈이3Jeju Island(제주도) is one of must-go places in Korea. I’ve been to this volcanic island several times, but whenever I visit there, I see its different colors and looks. There are many people who were fascinated by the beauty of this island and decided to reside there.

Last weekend I climbed Yongnuni Oreum(용눈이 오름) and the picture above is the wonderful scene beheld from its top. “Oreum(오름)” is a tiny volcanic zone which is omnipresent all over the Jeju Island. I love this exotic view and strong wind on the top.



월정리 카페There are many beautiful beaches along Jeju Island. This is “Woljeong-ri(월정리)” beach which is relatively small, but you can enjoy a cup of coffee at a pretty cafe in the picture.

한라산If you visit Jeju Island, you should climb Halla Mountain(한라산), at least for a while. It is 1,950 meters high and I climbed to the top when the mountain was all covered with snow a few years ago. It took 9 hours and my knees and feet were in trouble, but I guess I won’t forget the snowy Mt.Halla for the rest of my life. Its top is hidden in the clouds in the picture.


During this trip, my family and I visited Bizarim(비자림), forest with nutmeg trees and we were amazed by thousands of old, but strong nutmeg trees. Walking in the forest, we could breathe the freshest air which the historic trees provide. The magnificent tree in the picture is more than 800 years old.

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