Kimchi Mandu(Kimchi Dumpling)

Mandu(만두), dumplings may not be a Korean traditional dish, but Kimchi Mandu (김치만두) is definitely very Korean. Kimchi makes mandu much less greasy. If you still have winter Kimchi in your refrigerator, why don’t you try to make Kimchi Mandu today?

[Ingredients] minced pork( 돼지고기 목살, cuts of neck), napa cabbage kimchi(배추김치, baechu kimchi), onions(양파), green onions(대파), garlic(마늘), salt, sugar, soy sauce, ground pepper, water, and dumpling skins(만두피)

  1. Mix minced cuts of pork neck(1kg) with 1 spoon of minced garlic, 1 spoon of soy sauce, 2 spoons of water, half spoon of sugar and a little salt and ground pepper.
  2. Mix well all the ingredients with your hands.
  3. Wash Kimchi in cold water and drain the water.
  4. Chop the Kimchi into small pieces and put them in a bag with tiny holes and squeeze tight.
  5. Chop 6~7 onions and 4~5 green onions into small pieces.
  6. Mix the seasoned pork, squeezed Kimchi, chopped onions and green onions with a little salt and ground pepper.
  7. Add two eggs so that the ingredients stick together well. Mix them well.

You can shape mandu in a few different ways. You can refer to my previous posting of Mandu.

You can steam or boil mandu as you please.


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