Gyeran-mari(Rolled omelet)

Most schools now provide meals, but we used to carry a lunch box (and a dinner box for high school students) when I went to school. I still vividly remember that my mom always woke up at 5 am to make 7 lunch and dinner boxes for my two brothers, sister and me. Now I understand how stressful it would have been to cook different dishes everyday. I admire love and devotion of our moms. Among varieties of side dishes for lunch boxes, Gyeran-mari(계란말이) was very popular because it is very tasty and also nutritious with protein and vegetables. It is now also a popular snack for such drinks as Soju(소주) or other Korean alcohols.

[Ingredients] eggs(계란), carrot(당근), zucchini(애호박), ham(햄), onion(양파), salt(소금)

1. Chop the carrot, zucchini, ham and onion.(Onion is missing in the picture.)

2. Add eggs and some salt and mix them thoroughly.

3. Heat the pan over the medium low heat first, add some oil and a half of the mixture to the pan. (The rectangular pan in the picture is really useful when you make a good shape.)

4. When the surface is a little dried, fold it over from the right side and drag it to the right. And add a half of the left mixture on the empty left side.

5. Again fold it over from the right side and drag it to the right and add the rest of the mixture on the left.

6. When the surface is half dried, roll it to the left until the end as you can see in the above picture on the right end.

7. Heat the rolled one on both sides well.

8. Before slice it, cool it on the cutting board for a while.(It is not beautifully sliced while it is hot.)

9. Slice it and add some tomato ketchup as you please.


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