Chonggak Kimchi (Whole Radish Kimchi)

완성1There are many kinds of Kimchi(김치) according to what ingredients we use. The cabbage Kimchi(배추김치) is the most well-known kind, but my favorite is definitely Chonggak Kimchi (총각김치). Chonggak means bachelor and I have no clue about the origin of this naming. ^^  Chonggak Kimchi matches perfectly with many Korean dishes, especially meat soups.

[Ingredients] whole radish(총각무), green onion(파), leaf mustard(갓), minced garlic(다진 마늘), minced ginger(다진 생강), red pepper powder(고추가루), salted anchovy(멸치젓), salt(소금),


고춧가루 젓갈


  1. Wash thoroughly the vegetables (radish, green onion, leaf mustard).
  2. Cut the whole radish into 2 or 4 pieces with leaves. Cut green onion in half and leaf mustard into some pieces.
  3. Sprinkle some salt onto the radish pieces and leave them for a few hours. Wash and drain them afterwards.
  4. Mix all the vegetables and add minced garlic and ginger.
  5. Add red pepper powder until the radish turns red as shown in the picture.
  6. Add salted anchovy and mix them very well.
  7. If you think the taste is not salty enough, you can adjust with salt at the end.
  8. Leave them in a container outside for a few days until they are well fermented and preserve them in the refrigerator.
  9. Unlike cabbage Kimchi, I recommend you to eat up Chonggak Kimchi before they become sour.

완성2One bite of Chonggak Kimchi can get rid of all the greasiness in your stomach. The picture makes my mouth watering. ^^


  1. It looks very delicious. I certainly need to remove some of the grease I’ve been eating the last few days of the holidays. Wish you all the best now and in the New Year!

    1. I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas. I would like to deliver Kimchi to you. ^^
      I wish you a happy New Year and I’ll be looking forward to your wonderful posting.

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