“Kkaennip Muchim” Seasoned Sesame(Perilla) leaves

완성3Koreans eat many kinds of side dishes with rice and sometimes only one or two kinds of spicy and salty side dishes are enough for one meal. Kkaennip Muchim(깻잎무침), seasoned sesame(perilla) leaves is one of representative side dishes that make us eat more rice(a rice thief). As far as I know, there are not many countries where people enjoy sesame leaves which are very rich in flavor. In Korea, sesame leaves always go with meats as a vege wrap and we often use it as an ingredient for many foods.

[Ingredients] sesame(perilla) leaves(깻잎), soy sauce(간장), minced garlic(다진 마늘), dried red pepper flake(고추가루), green and  red pepper(고추, 홍고추), sesame seed oil(참기름)

조리과정1. Wash sesame leaves thoroughly one by one and drain the water.

2. Chop green and red peppers.

3. Mix minced garlic, chopped green and red peppers, dried red pepper flake with soy sauce. (We used the soy sauce from Gejang(soy sauce marinated crab), which is more delicious.)

4. Spread one spoon of the mixed seasoning on a layer of 2~3 sesame leaves at a time.

5. Steam the seasoned sesame leaves with a little sprinkle of sesame seed oil on the top for less than 3 minutes.

6. Reserve them in the refrigerator.  완성2

Scoop boiled rice with your spoon and put one sesame leaf on it. I hope you will experience rich flavor of sesame leaves someday.



  1. Very interesting post. I’ve never eaten sesame leaves and will probably not eat them any time soon because they are not easily available here. Korea is certainly on my bucket list so I hope one day I shall get to experience the “rice thief’

    1. ^^ I believe you will like “rice thief” You know what? Mom and daughter from the U.S. visited my house for dinner last night and they loved Kkaennip Muchim. Please be my guest soon. ^

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen sesame leaves. Is it sort of like shiso? (Oh, and you’d be proud: We had an abundance of Napa cabbage and made a gigantic jar of kimchi this week!)

    1. It is different from shiso. I guess ‘perilla leaves’ is accurate naming, not sesame leaves. ^^ Did you make kimchi? Wow! I guess you did Kimjang(kimchi-making for winter in Korea). haha. I’ll make a posting about Kimjang soon because we did yesterday.

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