“Samgyeopsal Kimchi Duruchigi” Stir-fried pork belly with Kimchi

완성1I believe that Korea is one of countries where pork belly is most consumed in the world. Usually we eat stir-fried pork belly with vegetables, but personally I like making it spicy. Today my mom added Kimchi and we call this dish as “Samyeopsal Kimchi Duruchigi(삼겹살 김치 두루치기).”

[Ingredients] Pork belly(삼겹살), Gochujang(red pepper paste, 고추장), red pepper powder(고추가루), green onion(파), garlic(마늘), ginger(생강), soy sauce(간장), ground black pepper(후추), sugar(설탕)

1. Slice the pork belly into bite size and sprinkle ground pepper onto the pork.

2. Cut green onion into small pieces and mince garlic and ginger(1 table spoon).

2. Add Gochujang, red pepper powder, green onion, garlic and ginger to the pork and mix them well.

(Red pepper powder is only for making the pork more red and so a small amount is enough.)

3. Add some soy sauce and sugar and mix them well with your hand. (Adjust the level of sweetness to your taste.)

4. Marinate it for more than an hour.


5. Stir-fry them the marinated pork belly Kimchi. (Sour Kimchi is much better.)



완성3Wrap rice, pork belly, and kimchi with layers of lettuce. If you do not like greasiness of pork belly, I strongly recommend the spicy one.


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