“Dak-bokkeum-tang” Braised Spicy Chicken with potato

닭볶음 완성3When chicken loves potato, it turns red and extremely yummy. ^^ I made Dak-bokkeum-tang(닭볶음탕),” braised spicy chicken for my housewarming party with my friends.

재료1[Ingredients] One chicken cut into bone-in parts(닭한마리), potato(감자), minced garlic(다진 마늘), sliced scallion(파), soy sauce(간장), sugar(설탕), red pepper powder(고추가루)

재료21. Wash thoroughly the chicken parts and remove fats.

2. Put the chicken parts and peeled potatoes(chunks) together in a pot.

3. Add sliced scallion, one and a half spoons of minced garlic, 6 spoons of soy sauce, 3 spoons of sugar and 1-2 spoons of red pepper powder.

(You can skip red pepper powder if you don’t like spicy taste.)

4. Boil them over medium-high heat first and stir them from time to time.

5. When it starts boiling, reduce the heat and continue boiling until potatoes are well cooked.

닭볶음 완성4While the ingredients are cooked, we can get very thick and delicious soup. If you have boiled rice, the soup is all gone. ^^

딸기케잌This strawberry cake was from Naru Cafe.


    1. I don’t add water at all. Water comes out of chicken parts and potatoes. ^^ But I think you can add a few spoons of water if you want more soup.

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