New Year’s Holiday with delicious leftovers!

완성2I’m back at last! Many things kept me away from my blog for more than three months. Whenever I checked my blog, I felt a kind of guilty, but I couldn’t help it.

Happy New Year to my blog pals and visitors from all over the world! We celebrate New Year’s Day by lunar month in Korea and so it’s not late to give you a New Year’s greeting. ^^

As always, we made many kinds of foods for a New Year’s ritual and survived with the leftovers for four days. The first foods to remove are seasoned vegetables, Namul, which go sour soon.

나물It is traditional to make an odd number of Namul, three or five kinds and we made bell flower root(도라지), bracken fern stems (고사리), bean sprout(콩나물), spinach(시금치) and radish(무나물). You can refer to “Bibimbap” if you want to know how to make each Namul. When we season the vegetables for a ritual, we never use garlic.

볶기 완성The quickest way to eat up Namul is to make Bibimbap(비빔밥).

1. Slice Namul and stir-fry them slightly.

2. Add boiled rice and two tea spoons of sesame oil and mix them.

3. Add a spoonful of Gochujang(red pepper paste) and mix them well.


Serve Bibimbap with an egg on the top and Kimchi. This is a very simple but delicious meal right after the New Year’s ritual.


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