NARU Cafe & Imbiss

카페나루2There are many talented people in this world and we become happier thanks to their gifts. My blog is also indebted to my dear friend whom I specially thanked to through one of my postings, Special thanks to. She is a very talented illustrator and each of her three siblings is also blessed to have her or his own special gift. Her younger sister opened Cafe Naru in Seoul many years ago and the place became famous being introduced in many blogs.

케잌The cakes which she bakes every morning are really awesome. I bet you’ll be fascinated by the taste.

햄버거1Last month, the youngest one joined the cafe and started his own menu, hamburger and french fries.

포스터Do you know what happens when rucola and mozzarella meet burger?  Incredibly yummy!

Another younger sister, who recently joined the cafe, took the pictures of burgers in the posters and my friend, the eldest, made those posters.

나루카페1My friend’s mother is in charge of decorating the cafe and everything becomes an art with her touch. Nothing is obsolete in her place.

카페나루3The picture in the frame was taken by my friend’s father, who is an amateur photographer. His photos are perfect match for the cafe.

I thank all the family members for making such a wonderful place as NARU Cafe & Imbiss.^^


  1. I especially love the chocolate cake. Freshly baked cakes are more than tasty. The rucola (arugula) burger looks delicious. I like the bacon one better. Thanks for sharing. Does the word Naru mean anything?

    1. ‘Naru’ is a very beautiful Korean word for port or dock. The Cafe is named as Naru because it is located near Han river. The word sounds so pretty that many people use it as their first name.

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