Boiled pork belly with “Geotjeori Kimchi”

완성1겉절이I haven’t written a posting for more than a month. I took pictures whenever I had a chance, but I didn’t have enough time to make postings. Today’s recipe is boiled pork belly(삶은 삼겹살) with geotjeori kimchi(겉절이 김치). Kimchi, newly made or long fermented, is a perfect match for pork. Kimchi is normally fermented for some time, but geotjeori kimchi is what we can make and eat fresh. It’s much easier to make geotjeori kimchi than baechu kimchi.

[Ingredients]  for geotjeori kimchi) napa cabbages(배추), sea(coarse) salt(굵은 소금), scallion(파), Chinese chive(부추), garlics(마늘), dried red pepper powder(고추가루), myulchijeot(salted fermented anchovy liquid, 멸치액젓),  maesil juice(Japaese plum juice, 매실즙) or sugar,  water(물)

for boiled pork belly) pork belly(삼겹살), onion(양파), scallion(파), garlic(마늘), soybean paste(deonjang, 된장)

돼지고기 완성(Boiled pork belly)

1. Add the pork belly(삼겹살), onion(양파), garlic(3~4, 통마늘), cuts of scallion(파) in water.

2. Add one or two spoons of soybean paste(deonjang, 된장) and boil them by adjusting the heat from high to mid-to-low until the pork belly becomes tender.

3. Thinly slice the pork belly.

배추와 양념(Geotjeori Kimchi)

1. Separate leaves of napa cabbage one by one, wash them. (one big napa cabbage or 2 small ones)

2. Add a handful of sea salts in 5 cups of water and bathe the cabbage in the salted water.

3. Let them until they are preserved in salt for a half an hour or so.

4. In the meantime, make the chilly paste by mixing myulchijeot(salted fermented anchovy liquid, 멸치액젓), minced garlic(다진마늘), chopped scallion(다진파), maesil juice(매실즙) or sugar, and dried red pepper powder(고추가루).

* Measurement : 5~6 spoons of anchovy liquid, 1 & 1/2 spoons of minced garlic, 1 chopped scallion, 1 spoon of maesil juice or sugar, 6~7 spoons of red pepper powder (Geotjeori can be a little bit sweeter than normal Kimchi because we eat it fresh within a few days.)

5. Rinse the preserved cabbage leaves in water and squeeze them thoroughly.

겉절이6.  Mix well the cabbage leaves and Chinese chives(부추) with the chilly paste. You can add chopped red pepper(빨간고추).


완성3Serve the boiled pork belly with geotjeori kimchi.  A slice of pork belly wrapped in a piece of geotjeori kimchi will make you happy. ^^


  1. I like the sound of geotjeori kimchi but I am not sure I can find salted fermented anchovy liquid and Japanese plum juice. This is a very simple recipe that I would like to try. Could you give me the measurements for ingredients. How much should I add etc. I shall let you know if I found the ingredients! thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your comment! ^^ In a few days, I’ll let you know the measurement and what you can use instead of anchovy liquid in case it is not available in your place.

    2. I hope you’re having a good weekend. I updated the measurement for Geotjeori. You don’t worry about Japanese plum juice because you can use sugar instead of plum juice. In case of fermented anchovy liquid, I guess you can purchase it at a Korean supermarket or maybe at the T&T supermarket. I wish you could buy it someday. If you have further questions, please feel free to ask me. ^^

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