“Kimchi Bibim guksu” Spicy Noodles with Kimchi



When we lose our appetite in the middle of summer, something spicy, sour, and sweet makes our mouth watering. Today my mom and I made Kimchi Bibim guksu(김치 비빔국수), spicy noodles with Kimchi, which gave us a good appetite.

[Ingredients] Thin noodles(소면), Kimchi(김치), Cucumber(오이), green and red peppers(고추), Gochujang(고추장, red pepper paste), vinegar(식초), Maesil juice(매실즙, green plum juice), egg(계란)


1. Slice the well-washed cucumber.

2. Mince green and red peppers.

3. Wash and chop Kimchi and mix it with sesame oil and sesame seeds.

소스만들기 완성

4. Mix Gochujang with the minced green and red peppers.

5. Add vinegar and maesil juice(green plum juice) or sugar. The taste of sauce should be spicy, sour, and sweet at the same time. (3 spoons of red pepper paste, 2~3 spoons of vinegar, and 2~3 spoons of green plum juice)

6. Add sesame seeds and mix well.

국수삶기 완성

7. Boil the thin noodles in the boiling water for about 4-5 minutes.

8. Rinse the noodles in cold water.



Mix well the noodles, the sliced cucumber, and the chopped Kimchi with the sauce. Put a half of a boiled egg on the top. Is your mouth watering already?




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