Foodie tour to Jeonju area(Part 2)

콩나물 국밥_완성Whenever I ask people around me what I should eat in their hometowns, they say, “You SHOULD eat A and B, MUST go there to eat C, and will REGRET if you miss D……..E, F, G…..” ^_^  Since we cannot eat ten meals a day, we very carefully select what we will eat during our stay. The first meal we chose was Kong-namul Gukbap(콩나물국밥), Bean sprout rice soup, which is a perfect food for recovery from your hangover.

치즈스틱_완성While we was walking around Hanok Village, we tried to stay away from delicious street foods because our next course was to eat Han-jeongsik(한정식), Korean Table d’hote. However, we couldn’t resist the tempting smell of cheese sticks made of sweet potato and cheese with yogurt sauce on the top. It was sooooo yummy. The cheese is from the place called Imsil(임실) near Jeonju.

한정식One of my blog pal was curious about how ‘a table full of dishes to the extent that its legs might be broken’ looks. The western way is to serve foods course by course, but the Korean way is to serve all the foods on a large table almost at the same time. Therefore, we’re often at a loss what to eat first and unbuckle our belts at last. The Han-jeongsik(한정식), Korean Table d’hote we ate this time was rather a fusion style than an authentic one.

수라간1They are a kind of starters. The left top is Moossam(무쌈), marinated radish wrap. You put the cooked vegetables and eggs on one piece of radish and wrap it. The right top is a tomato-based salad. The left bottom is raw tuna salad and the right one is Yukheo(육회), raw beef tartar seasoned with various ingredients on top of the Korean pear.


The left dish is another salad of chicken breast, some sea foods, and vegetables with mustard sauce. The food on the right is steamed slightly fermented skate with spicy sauce.

수라간4The food on the left is pork belly with soy sauce-based sauce, which was so delicious that we ordered one more plate. The right dish is notorious Samhap(삼합), fermented skate and steamed pork slices served with Kimchi. I gave up tasting it again.



The left dish is Galbi-jjim(갈비찜), braised short ribs and the right one is maekjeok gui(맥적구이), charcoal grilled pork with salad on the top.

Other than these dishes, there were many side dishes and steamed rice with soybean paste stew.

Mmmmm….I guess I gained weight again, but we were happy with delicious foods and that’s ALL.


  1. I could eat most of the things on the Korean Table d’hote: the short ribs, the charcoal grilled pork, pork belly, skate with steamed pork slices, all the starters and the cheese sticks made of sweet potato and cheese with yogurt sauce on the top. What a lovely combination of flavours. Thanks for sharing all the lovely food!

  2. I love the photo of the “table full of dishes to the extent that its legs might be broken”! I know exactly what you mean about eating while traveling. Before our first visit to San Francisco decades ago, we realized that we would have to eat about 6 meals a day to go everywhere on the list we had made.

    1. ^^ My tour buddies and I bought only one piece of street food whatever it is and cut it into four pieces in order to taste various kinds. haha

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