Foodie tour to Jeonju area(Part 1)

한옥마을_완성2This is Hanok Village in Jeonju. ‘Hanok(한옥)‘ is a Korean traditional house.

전북지도The place for our foodie tour this time is Jeonju(전주) area where I had to unbuckle my belt again. ^^ Hanok Village at Jeonju is a hot spot for tourists and foreigners and you can hang around all day long eating various street foods, shopping, and experiencing Korean tradition.

한옥마을_완성1We had a pleasure of sipping a cup of coffee at a Hanok cafe.

한옥마을_완성4I wish I could stay at a Hanok guest house someday. This guest house is open to visitors during daytime.

한옥마을_완성3한복We came across a street parade for Hanbok. I used to wear a Korean traditional costume, Hanbok(한복), in my childhood, especially on New Year’s Day and Korean Thanksgiving Day, but there is no longer an occasion for wearing it.

부채_완성Jeonju is also well-known for Hanji(한지), Korean traditional paper handmade from mulberry trees and many crafts made of Hanji. We visited a museum for Korean traditional fans made of Hanji.



한지체험3Hanging around the Hanok village, we happened to find out a place where we can make Hanji on our own. It was so interesting to watch a series of process to make one sheet of hanji.



At this point, you might think that something is missing. FOOD!!! I’ll continue a story of the real foodie tour in Part 2.

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