Pleasure of inviting

제현정 주방Like my mom, I enjoy cooking for other people and it’s always very exciting and pleasing to see people eat what I made for them. After I moved out of my parents’ house in 2010, I have invited my friends and colleagues to my little house and served them with foods that I learned from my mom and sister. Today I counted how many I’ve invited so far and was surprised to find that 35 colleagues out of about 270 people in my company visited my place. ^^

2014-07-08 제현정 주방-9

2014-07-08 제현정 주방-6About two months ago, I decided to transform my place and purchased a dining table and chairs for guests’ convenience and brought the pottery chairs, lamp and vase made my mom. I wish guests would feel that they’re very specially treated in one-table restaurant.

제현정 주방

2014-07-08 제현정 주방-5


2014-07-08 제현정 주방-7When I decided to open a blog, the most urgent thing was to learn how to take good photos of foods. It is still very difficult to take good pictures, but I dared to start thanks to my colleague. He was my special guest this week and selected Dwaeji Gochujang yangnyeom gui, grilled spicy marinated pork and Kimchi stew with Magkeolli, rice wine. And he took all the pictures above for my blog posting.

Would you be my guest someday?




  1. That grilled spicy marinated pork looks very delicious. I’ve been admiring it for days now. If there was a way I could taste it…I would not mind at all. I’ve never eaten kimchi only heard of it. Some people say they like it others say they don’t. Thanks for sharing and the photos are very beautiful!!!

    1. Thanks for dropping by my blog and I hope that you’re having a wonderful weekend. Since Kimchi is a fermented food, it might not be easy to like it at the first tasting, but once you’re addicted to it, you won’t have a meal without it. ^^

      1. Oh I’ve eaten other fermented foods but not Kimchi. Maybe one day I shall try. You never know, I might just get hooked to it. Have a lovely weekend!

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