Foodie tour to Gwangju area

P_운주사 경치Unjusa Temple(운주사) in Hwasun(화순)

지도I traveled around the southwest part of Korea, Gwang-ju(광주), Hwasun(화순), and Jangheung(장흥) where you can enjoy a real FOODIE TOUR.

P_콩물국수As soon as we arrived at Gwang-ju, we started our foodie tour with Kong-guksu(콩국수), noodles in cold soybean soup. Kong-guksu is a representative summer food in Korea. I personally do not enjoy Kong-guksu, but it was tasty and the soybean soup was so rich.

P_운주사This is Unjusa Temple(운주사) located in Hwasun(화순). I’ve been to many temples in Korea, but I’ve never seen such a exotic and mysterious temple as Unjusa before. A temple guide whom we met by chance explained us that when this temple was built is unknown and all the pagodas were built by common people, not by professional stonemason. Wabul(와불), a lying Buddha(on the bottom left) is a famous one in this temple.

P_탑The figure of stone pagodas in this temple is very unique compared to others.

P_옛섬진강If you go to the west part of Korea and eat Han-jeongsik(한정식), Korean Table d’hote, you have to start your meal with your belt open because varieties of dishes are served and stacked on the table to the extent that the legs of the table might be broken. ^^ The dishes in the pictures are only about 15% of what we ate. The fermented skate(삭힌 홍어) on the upper right is one of the extreme dishes in Korea and even I cannot swallow it because it stinks and paralyzes your nose and tongue. However, it used to be served only on a special day such as wedding or 60th birthday and people from the west part enjoy it very much. The dish on the left bottom is Seodea Hoe-muchim(서대 회무침), spicy raw red tongue sole salad and it was the best dish of the day for me.

P_장흥 삼합Regionally special products in Jangheung(장흥) are good-quality beef(한우), shiitake mushroom(표고버섯) and scallop(관자), each of which represents healthy food from land, mountain and sea. If you go there, you purchase beef from butcher’s shop first and select a restaurant where shiitake mushrooms, scallops and other side dishes are served. Their combination is known as ‘Samhap‘(삼합). The best way to enjoy it is to eat all three wrapped in soy sauce marinated sesame leaf. Yummy!!!




  1. Is it true food is served and stacked on the table to the extent that the legs of the table might be broken? Wow I would like to be amongst the people starting my meal with an open belt. If that is only 15% of the food, then what does 100% look like? And the fermented skate, I’ve never heard of it but thanks for letting me know about it. Have a great week and thanks for sharing beautiful photos!

    1. Yeah, it is true. You would be at a loss what to eat first at the table. ^^ I’ll upload a picture of the table full of dishes in another posting soon. I guess Korea is the only country where the fermented skate is served. At least for me, it tastes like fish marinated with petroleum. haha

      1. Omg “like fish marinated in petroleum”…that must smell awful and taste terrible. You’ve inspired me about Korea and I hope one day I’ll be able to visit. i look forward to the picture of dishes. And by the way thank you for sending photos of beautiful flowers. I enjoyed looking at them!

  2. What a stunning stunning part of the world. The food looks just as nice! Lovely post my friend!

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. The best part of blogging is that we become to understand different culture even though we live far far away.

      1. Unfortunately I made it only once for about 2 weeks. Mostly spending time in Namwon (I apologize for my potential misspelling) and Seoul. Was a great time!

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