“Dwaeji Gochujang yangnyeom gui” Grilled spicy marinated pork

완성3I made a posting on how to make Gochujang(red pepper paste) last December. We began to eat it from this spring after three-month fermentation. It is so tasty and, ironically, spicy and sweet. Can you imagine what the taste would be like if pork meets Gochujang? The greasy taste of pork disappears when pork is marinated with Gochujang.

[Ingredients] Pork(cuts of neck, 돼지목살), Gochujang(red pepper paste, 고추장), red pepper powder(고추가루), green onion(파), garlic(마늘), ginger(생강), soy sauce(간장), ground black pepper(후추), sugar(설탕)


1. Slice the pork(cuts of neck) into bite size and sprinkle ground pepper onto the pork.

2. Cut green onion into small pieces and mince garlic and ginger(1 table spoon).

2. Add Gochujang, red pepper powder, green onion, garlic and ginger to the pork and mix them well.

(Red pepper powder is only for making the pork more red and so a small amount is enough.)

3. Add some soy sauce and sugar and mix them well with your hand. (Adjust the level of sweetness to your taste.)

4. Marinate it for more than an hour.

굽기5. Layer a sheet of foil on the frying pan.

6. Grill the marinated pork over mid-to high heat.

완성2You can also enjoy the grilled spicy pork wrapping it with a lettuce. Why don’t you try the taste of  “when pork met Gochujang“.


  1. The red pepper paste has to ferment for three months? Wow! I can just imagine this fermented paste being added to pork, being grilled and served on a bed of lettuce. It must taste really good. I wish one day I can taste Korean food. It’s a very interesting cuisine.

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