“Gejang” Marinated crab in soy sauce


Spring is the right season to eat crab in Korea. Among a variety of ways to enjoy crab, marinating raw crabs in soy sauce is the most popular one. It is called as ‘Ganjang Gejang( 간장게장)’ and also known as ‘a rice-thief(밥도둑)’ because eating very salty, but delicious Gejang makes us fill our rice bowl again and again.

재료들[Ingredients] Crabs(게), ginger(생강), garlic(마늘), dried red pepper(건고추), soy sauce(간장)

게장담기 1. Wash the crabs(5) thoroughly.

2. Put the crabs in a container and add 15 ~20 cloves of garlic, 10 slices of ginger and 7~8 dried red peppers.

3. Pour one bottle of soy sauce so that the soy sauce slightly covers the crabs.

4. Store them in the refrigerator for one day, 24 hours.

5. After one day, drain the marinated crabs and boil the soy sauce only.

6. Cool the boiled soy sauce down completely and pour it again onto the crabs.

7. Store them in the refrigerator for another day.

8. After 24 hours, reiterate the process, straining, boiling and cooling the soy sauce.

9. Store them in the refrigerator for 6~7 hours and drain them.

10. Separate the crabs from the soy sauce and other ingredients.

11. Freeze the crabs only and store the soy sauce with other ingredients in the refrigerator.

완성7Defrost the frozen crabs a few hours before you dine and separate a shell first and cut the leg part into a few pieces. You can pour the soy sauce more right before you eat.


완성4All you need when you eat Gejang is just hot steamed rice. Put the rice into the crab shell and mix well. yum!

완성5Or put the leg part in your rice bowl, squeeze the flesh out of it and mix well with rice. Gejang is a real thief.



  1. I keep on learning new things from your blog and I like the way you call it rice thief. So if I want people to eat more rice, I should serve it with a well-salted and seasoned stew, how hilarious! I love the idea of putting the rice in the crab shell and mixing well and of course gobbling it all up. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe of well-marinated crabs! I have enjoyed reading and drooling over…have a lovely week!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! If someone is on a diet, marinated crabs are definitely in a category of ‘Oh No’. haha We also make marinated crabs in red pepper paste, but more people like soy sauce based ones.

      1. I am glad I’m not on diet right now so it means I can eat this crab without the “oh no!” Have a lovely week!

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