Foodie tour to Busan & Yeongdeok

자갈치 시장This is a seafood market called as ‘Jagalchi(자갈치)’ market which is located in Busan(부산), the second largest city in Korea. It’s always exciting to look around big markets.

여정I went to Busan(부산) and Yeongdeok(영덕) with my colleagues and our journey turned out to be a foodie tour from the beginning to the end. ^^

미포끝집4First night, we ate varieties of seafood, raw fish(회), shrimp(새우), octopus(문어), sea cucumber(해삼), sea squirt(멍게), grilled clams(조개), grilled sea eels(갯장어) and the last course was…..

미포끝집3Ramen(라면) with seafood! The taste of the soup was awesome.

분식Next day, we looked around the famous markets in Busan and enjoyed many kinds of snacks. The spicy glass noodle(당면) on the left is a dish that you can taste only in Busan. The snack in the middle is Youboo pocket(유부주머니) and on the right is Garaetteok(가래떡) that swam in the Odeng soup(오뎅국물).

씨앗호떡3This is a very famous Hotteok(호떡), a Korean fried pancake. What is so special about this hotteok is that there are varieties of seeds instead of sugar in it. We had to wait in line for a while, but it was worth a wait.  The seed hotteok(씨앗호떡) was much more delicious than I expected.

영덕4Welcome to Yeongduck(영덕)! Every year, a crab festival is held at Yeongduck-gun. It was my first time to visit there only to eat crab. When the steamed crabs were served, we had to learn how and where to cut to take out the crab meat most efficiently. Mmmmm….yummmmmmmmmmm

영덕5The stir-fried rice in crab shells were served for our last meal. Aren’t they so cute? ^^

복숭아꽃4On the way back home, beautiful peach blossom looked like saying farewells to us. This is the only non-food photo. haha


  1. Omg I would really like to travel and see all these lovely seafood. This looks so different from what i know. I have enjoyed gaping at the photos! thanks for sharing!

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