Gyeongju in spring

경주표시Luckily enough, I went on a business trip to Gyeongju(경주) which is located in the south-east part of Korea and was a capital of Shilla(신라) dynasty for a thousand year until 918 AD. It is a favorite place where many students go for a school trip and it is particularly beautiful with cherry blossom all over the city in spring. The whole city is like a giant museum and, therefore, definitely a must-go place for foreign tourists.

경주벚꽃1I was so lucky to see the beautiful cherry blossom flowers in full bloom.

경주벚꽃4It was so fantastic to go through the cherry blossom tunnel.


This is one of the most famous temples in Korea, Bulguksa(불국사). It was built in 528 AD and became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995.

불국사1I was thrilled to take a picture of the stone walls by side without being interrupted by anyone.

불국사2This is a main building of Bulguksa temple.

불국사4Isn’t it beautiful? This is Dancheong(단청), Korea’s traditional multicolored paintwork on wooden buildings. Thanks to my friend who studies this Dancheong art, I could realize its true beauty and value.



This is Dabotap(다보탑), which means many treasure pagoda.  There are two pagodas at Bulguksa, one is Dabotap(다보탑) and the other is Seokgatap(석가탑). They are the most well-known pagodas in Korea. Unfortunately, Seokgatap was under reconstruction, but fortunately I could see the golden sarira stored in the center of the pagoda, which are being exhibited only during the reconstruction period.


안압지6This place is Anapji(안압지) Pond, which was built by one King of the Shilla dynasty for grand parties on special occasions. I have been here before, but it was the first time to see the night view of the pond. It was awesome.



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