“Jeonbok Juk” Abalone Rice Porridge


It was not bitter cold during this winter, but many people suffered from flu and my parents have been ill for more than a month. So we made Jeonbok Juk(전복죽), abalone rice porridge, to get some energy from health food. In Korea, Jeonbok, abalone is believed to be good for stamina. I wish all of you a good health!


Jeonbok(전복, abalone), carrot(당근), green pumpkin(애호박), mushroom(버섯), onion(양파), rice(쌀, sticky rice)

1.  Soak rice in cold water for a while.(10~15 min)

2. Wash abalone thoroughly and cut them out of the shell and slice it into some pieces.

(We usually don’t remove internal organs when we cook.)

3. Wash all the vegetables and cut them into small pieces. You can add other vegetables you like.

4. [Stock making] Stir-fry the sliced abalone with sesame oil for a while and add water and boil it for a while.

5. Pour the abalone stock to drained rice in a thick pot, boil them over medium heat until the stock is reduced. Stir occasionally.

6. When the stock is reduced enough and the rice transforms into porridge, add the vegetables and boil them over medium-low heat until they become soft.

(The thickness of the porridge can be adjusted by amount of the stock. )

Tip : Don’t add salt when you cook because salt makes porridge too watery. Add salt to your individual serve to your taste. 


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