“Mandu” Dumplings


There are varieties of dumplings all over the world. In Korea, dumplings are called as “Mandu(만두)” and favored as a light meal or snack. We eat Mandu all year around, but it’s a tradition to make it for New Year’s Day to eat with Tteokguk(떡국), rice cake soup(Refer to the previous posting). We can make fillings with various ingredients, pork, shrimp, potato noodles, kimchi and other vegetables. My mom’s recipe is a relatively simple one which includes only pork and three vegetables.

[Ingredients] minced pork( 돼지고기 목살, cuts of neck), napa cabbage(배추, baechu), onions(양파), green onions(대파), garlic(마늘), salt, sugar, soy sauce, ground pepper, water, and dumpling skins(만두피)



1. Mix minced cuts of pork neck(1kg) with 1 spoon of minced garlic, 1 spoon of soy sauce, 2 spoons of water, half spoon of sugar and a little salt and ground pepper.

And mix well all the ingredients with your hands.

2. Boil leaves of two nappa cabbages in hot water and cut them in small pieces. Put the small pieces of the cabbage in a bag with tiny holes and squeeze tight.

3. Chop 7 onions and 6~7 green onions into small pieces.

4. Mix the seasoned pork, squeezed nappa cabbage, chopped onions and green onions with a little salt and ground pepper.

(Please refer to the finished filling in the picture above.)

[Making dumplings(mandu)]


These are dumpling skins made of flour and glutinous rice powder. We used to make them by making a dough and rolling out, but we just purchased ready-made dumpling skins at the market this time.

만두빚기 1. Put one dumpling skin on your palm and wet the edge of the skin all around with water.

2. Put one spoonful of the filling in the middle of the skin.

3. Fold the skin to make a  half moon form and seal tightly.

4. (optional) Make a few waves or folds on the edge.



When you make many dumplings at one time, you need to store them properly. Put the dumplings in a row on a tray and sprinkle some potato starch on them.

And freeze them as they are in the refrigerator right away so that they do not stick together. After they get frozen, store them in a plastic bag or a container in the freezer.



We can boil, bake, steam or deep-fry dumplings. My mom usually boil them. When the water begins boiling, add some dumplings and boil them until they begin to float to the surface.

완성3[Sauce] Make sauce with soy sauce and vinegar (1:1). You can add a little ground pepper or red pepper powder to your taste.



  1. These look absolutely delicious!! I love dumplings so much. 🙂 I only learned how to make them a few months ago and they were much easier than I thought they would be. 🙂

  2. Omg this is the first time you’v made something so easy I think I can also make it. Thank you so much. I’ll see if I can get some dumpling skins in my local store here. Thanks, Jessie!

      1. How exciting. Happy New Year again. I’ll hunt for the skins one the weekend. Thanks Jessie for your continous support!

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