“Tteokguk” Sliced Rice Cake Soup – Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!!! How is your first day of 2014? I ate Tteokguk(떡국), sliced rice cake soup with my family and we got one year older. ^^ Even though most Korean people celebrate New Year’s Day by lunar month these days, we eat Tteokguk on the first day of a year.


This is ‘sliced garae tteok for Tteokguk‘(떡국용 가래떡). My mom used to make garae tteok(가래떡) at a rice cake mill before New Year’s Day, dry them for a few days and slice them in a thin oval form when they turn hard enough to slice. How pretty slices you make was a kind of virtue of a good housewife in Korea. Now we just purchase ready-sliced rice cake at a rice cake mill or market.

There are a few versions of Tteokguk according to what kind of broth you use, beef or anchovy. Today we made it with beef broth.

[Ingredients] sliced garae tteok(rice cake slices, 떡국용 가래떡), beef brisket(양지머리), egg(계란), green onion(파), soy sauce(간장), salt(소금)

양지머리국물[Making broth(육수 만들기)]

1. Boil brisket of beef(600g) in water over high heat.

2. Skim off the scum and boil until the beef brisket gets tender. It will take around 1 hour.

3. After the broth is done, bring out the beef brisket, cool and slice it as you can see in the picture above.

고명[Preparing garnishes(고명 준비)]

1. Slice the green onion in a small round form.

2. Prepare egg garnish(지단). (You can make white and yellow egg garnishes separately.)

  – Make a thin round layer of stirred eggs on a pan over low heat and slice it in 4-5 cm.


떡국끓이기_완성[Boiling Tteokguk(떡국 끓이기)]

Before heating broth, put the rice cake slices in water for about 10 minutes.

1. Heat the ready-made beef broth.

2. When it begins boiling, add the rice cake slices.

3. Season with soy sauce and salt.

4. When the rice cake slices turn soft and float, turn the heat off. (It takes only 5-7 minutes. If you overcook them, the rice cake slices can be mushy.)



Serve the hot tteokguk with the ready-made garnishes and beef slices on it.


Today Tteokguk was served with Dongchimi(radish water kimchi, 동치미) and Geotjeori(fresh kimch, 겉절이). It was sooooooooooo tasty.

It is the first New Year’s Day since I became a blogger last April. I was so happy that many people from more than 80 countries visited my blog and some left dear comments and got interested in Korean foods. I’m always thrilled by a small wordpress mark on my cell phone which means someone liked or left a comment on my blog. ^^

I wish all of you Happy New Year and hope that I can communicate with you more in 2014.

새해 복 많이 받으세요! (I wish a Happy New Year.)



  1. Hi Jessie – Happy Seollal! Talk about coincidence, both you and I make mandu and tteokguk as our last two posts. Your tteokguk sounds so good… Wishing you a fabulous year of the Horse!

  2. Happy New Year Jessie and thanks for sharing with me a beautiful quote. I shall always remember to pause. The sliced rice cake soup looks delicious and healthy too. Thanks for sharing. I have enjoyed reading though and only wish I could taste it!!!

  3. Happy new year to you and your family.
    The tteokguk looks very delicious. I heard that Koreans often eat Tteokguk on the first day of the new year to get a year older ^^

    1. Happy New Year!!! Yeah, it’s a tradition that Korean people eat Tteoguk on a New Year’s day. Depending on which region you live in Korea, we eat Tteokguk with dumplings(mandu) in it. Don’t you have any special food you eat on a New Year’s day?

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