“Danhobak Juk” Sweet pumpkin porridge


When Korean people want to have a light meal, we sometimes eat Juk(죽, porridge) with one or two side dishes. It is also served as an appetizer in a formal dinner. There are varieties of Juk depending on what ingredients you use and Hobak Juk(호박죽, pumpkin porridge) is one of the most popular Juk in Korea. We usually make it with a big old pumpkin which is a symbol of Halloween, but Danhobak(단호박, sweet pumpkin) can be used as well.

What I like most when I eat Hobak Juk is small white balls made with glutinous rice powder, which are called as Sae-al-sim(새알심) meaning birds’ eggs.


Sweet pumpkin(단호박),

glutinous rice powder (찹쌀가루),

salt(소금), sugar(설탕), water(물)

나_새알심 만들기

[Making birds’ eggs (새알심 만들기)]

– Mix glutinous rice powder with water and make a dough.

– Make small balls as many as you like.

가_단호박 조리

– Peel off a sweet pumpkin and remove the seeds inside.(#1)

– Cut them into some pieces and put them in a pot.(#1)

– Add water until the pumpkins sink slightly under water.(#2)

– Heat it and when the water is boiling squash the pumpkins with a spoon.(#3) (If you want softer porridge, you can use a blender.)

– Heat it for a while and add glutinous rice powder while adjusting the thickness of the porridge.(#4)

– Add the birds’ eggs and boil it over medium heat stirring occasionally for 5 minutes. (#5)

– Add salt and sugar(if necessary) to your taste and stir it for 2-3 minutes.

완성3Danhobak Juk(단호박죽, sweet pumpkin porridge) with Dongchimi(동치미, Radish water kimchi) was my family’s brunch last weekend. It was as refreshing as fresh air in the Sunday morning and as sweet as a nap in the Sunday afternoon.


And the birds’ eggs soaked in the sweet pumpkin porridge made my day.



    1. Thanks for your comment! When we make Juk(porridge) including sweet pumpkin porridge, we season with only salt and sugar. We sometimes garnish with red beans. ^^ Have a nice weekend!!!

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