“Ojingeo Bokkeum” Spicy stir-fried squid


Korean people love spicy foods. They also love squid whether it is raw, steamed, half-dried or dried. How about spicy stir-fried squid(오징어 볶음)? It’s a perfect match and no further comment is necessary. ^_^

[Ingredients] Ojingeo(오징어, squid), onion(양파), green pepper(고추), garlic(마늘), dried red pepper powder(고추가루), soy sauce(간장), mirim(미림), maesil juice(Japanese plum juice, 매실즙) or sugar(설탕)

1 재료모음

1. Wash squids(2) thoroughly and get rid of ink sac and slice them into finger-thick rings.

2. Slice onion(1/2) and green peppers(2~3).

2 양념장3. Make spicy sauce with 3 spoons of minced garlic, 2 spoons of dried red pepper powder and 2 spoons of soy sauce. (You can add 1/2 spoon of mirim if you have one)

3 조리과정

4. Stir-fry the sliced onion and green peppers in oil over medium-high heat.

5. Add the spicy sauce and mix them well over medium heat.

6. Add the sliced squid and mix them with the sauce well.

7. Add maesil juice(Japanese plum juice) or just 2~2 1/2 spoons of sugar to your taste. (You can also add Mool-yut(물엿, malt syrup))

If you want juicy spicy stir-fried squid to eat with steamed rice, you can add 2~3 spoons of water.

8. Stir-fry them until the squid is well done.


Serve the spicy stir-fried squid with steamed rice. Ah, you need water, too. ^_^


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