“Nokdu Bindaetteok” Mung bean Pancake

완성 3

Bindaetteok” is one of foods that we cook for Chuseok(Korean Thanksgiving Day) and a kind of Jeon that Koreans enjoy. You can easily see mid wives baking Bindaetteok and shoppers eating hot yummy one in the middle of Korean traditional markets.

[Ingredients] Nokdu (녹두, mung beans), Sukju Namool (숙주나물, mung bean sprouts), pork(돼지고기 목살, cuts of neck), green onion(파), onion(양파), salt

* I recommend you to purchase split mung beans.

A 숙주나물 준비1. Wash mung bean sprouts and blanch them in boiling water for less than one minute.

B 녹두갈기2. Linse split mung beans and soak them in water for one night. (6~7 hours)

3. Grind soaked mung beans in the blender with some water. The mung bean puree should be a little coarse, not so watery.

C 재료4.  Squeeze the blanched mung bean sprouts and add some salt.

5.  Add some ground pepper and salt to the minced pork.

6. Cut and slice green onions and chop onion.

D 재료섞기

7. Mix all the ingredients with the mung bean puree well and add some salt in the mix.

E 부치기8. Pour enough oil in the heated pan and make small palm-size circles with 3~4 spoons of the mixed puree.

9. Bake them over mid to high heat and control the heat so that they are not burnt out. Add some more oil while you bake them. The surface should be slightly brown and crispy.

완성 1

 We usually eat Bindaetteok with soysauce dipping, but since we add salt to the puree mix, the taste of Bindaetteok may be salty enough.

추석상This was a table for an ancestral rite on Chuseok. Kinds of foods are different according to a family’s regional and traditional background. All the foods are prepared and cooked with sincere hearts.


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