Reborn vases

화병들_1I found these vases in the veranda. My mom made them long time ago, but they were forgotten for years. I like them as they are without flowers, but I wondered what they would look like if I put some flowers in them. So I went to the wholesale flower market at Yangjae-dong(양재꽃시장) and I could indulge in the world of flowers.  Actually, I was not a flower person so far, but my blog pals’ beautiful pictures of flowers opened my eyes for flowers.  I really thank them so much.

화병2This vase is perfectly matched with our brand-new dining table.

화병3 (2)해바라기2The sunflowers make our living room brighter and more lively. I like the simple drawing on the vase.

사진1This was my humble lunch last Saturday. The taste of ‘Yulmu bibimbap(열무비빔밥) ‘ was much more fantastic with the flowers.


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