“Saewoo Jeon & Dong-tae Jeon” Korean pancake with cocktail shrimp & frozen pollack

완성4My first cooking experience? I recall that when I was around 13 years old, I cooked alone three or four varieties of Jeons, which were served for my family’s Jesa(제사), ancestral rite, because my mom was very sick on that day. Actually I started to help my mom to prepare varieties of Jeons at every ancestral rite when I was 6 or 7 years old, but it was the first time to cook them by myself. As far as I remember, my first cooking was not bad.^^

 Jeon is a representative dish to be served when we practice ancestral rites, but Korean people often enjoy Jeon as a side dish or food with drinking. “Jeon(전)” could be called as Korean-style pancakes and there are many varieties according to what ingredients you use.

Everything could be an ingredient when you make Jeon, but today I’ll make a posting on Dongtae Jeon(동태전, frozen pollack) and Saewoo Jeon(새우전, cocktail shrimp), which are very easy to make.

[Ingredients] Sliced frozen pollack, cocktail shrimps, eggs, flour, black pepper

재료1. Sprinkle ground pepper on the slightly frozen pollack in a sliced form and the cocktail shrimps.

밀가루2. Coat the pollack and the shrimps with flour.

3. Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl and beat well with a spoon. Coat again the pollack and the shrimps with the eggs.

전부치기3. Pan-fry the coated sliced pollack and shrimps in oil over medium heat. Turn them over when the eggs on the surface begin to cook and firm up.

* When I make Saewoo Jeon, I make  a round form with two cocktail shrimps on a spoon first and put it in the pan.

채반 1It’s very easy and simple, right?



  1. That is the most unique pancake I have ever seen. And i love the latitude: “Everything could be an ingredient when you make Jeon” I shall try to make my own jeon with my own special ingredients. This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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