When you need serenity…

길상사 대웅전 나비This is a temple called “Gilsangsa(길상사)” located in Seoul. The buildings were originally built as a high-class restaurant named Daewongak(대원각), but they were donated to a very famous monk, Beopjeong Sunim(법정스님). It is why the buildings look somewhat different from other ordinary temples.


Seoul is one of the most crowded cities in the world and there are not many public parks where we can take a rest. Instead, we have many large or small temples where we can pause for a moment and feel serenity and peace.

길상사 연꽃“The reason why music is so beautiful is that there is a comma, a distance between musical notes.

The reason why words are so beautiful is that there is a proper pause between words.

We have to look back on our lives from time to time to see whether we just ran along or talked too much without any pause.” – Monk Haemin-

봉은사2They are candles that people lit while they were praying in another temple named Bongeunsa(봉은사), which is located near my office in Samsung-dong(삼성동).

봉은사3This little boy is my nephew, my dear sister’s son. My sister and her two boys came back from the USA in 6 years last week and they’re staying at my parents’ house before they move to their new house in Seoul. This is why my mom and I don’t have time to cook for blogging for a while.

Last Sunday I could feel serenity and peace in 2 weeks at the temple even with my two nephews. I guess the atmosphere of the temple can make even the little boys pause for a moment. ^_^


  1. Oh, these are just beautiful. Each element is calming. I can just imagine you there. How wonderful for you to be reunited with your sister and nephews! Enjoy your time together!

  2. Glad you were able to take a “pause” at the temple^^ I’m looking forward to meeting your nephews at our nearby pool on a weekend soon~

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