“Kimchi Jjigae” Kimchi stew


“Kimchi Jjigae”, Kimchi stew, is one of the most favorite and common dishes which Korean people eat very often. It’s easy to cook, but one important precondition to a delicious Kimchi Jjigae is that Kimchi should be tasty.^^ Usually we use fully fermented Kimchi that tastes a little bit sour and we add pork, canned tuna fish(참치) or mackerel pike(꽁치) for a full and rich flavor. Adding other ingredients such as tofu depends on your preference. I personally like a pork-based pure Kimchi Jjigae without any other ingredients.

1 김치와 돼지고기

[Ingredients] fully fermented Kimchi(신김치), parts of pork with some fats(front leg recommended, 돼지고기 앞다리살), Gochujang(고추장, red pepper paste), water

 2 조리순서1. Slice Kimchi and the front leg parts of pork.

2. Put the sliced Kimchi and pork in the pot.

3. Mix the sliced pork with one spoon of Gochujang(고추장, red pepper paste).

4. Pour the water in the pot and boil it.

5. When it starts boiling,  turn down the heat and boil it over the low-medium heat for about 15~20 minutes until the taste of the stew becomes rich.

완성5The way that I enjoy Kimchi Jjigae is to wrap rice and boiled Kimchi in Jjigae with Gim(dried seaweed). I cannot stop eating when I eat this way. ^_^


    1. Thank you very much for your comment! Kimchi Jjigae is one of the most loved dish in Korea and you can easily find it in a menu list at normal Korean restaurants.

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