“Kimchi Bokkembap” Stir-fried Rice with Kimchi

7 완성4“Kimchi”(김치)…..is the most authetic Korean food. There are various versions of Kimchi and Kimchi-based dishes in Korea. Among them, I think Kimchi Bokkembap(김치볶음밥) is the easiest and quickest dish to make. My mom used to make it for us as a lunch box or when my father had a dinner outside and so she didn’t have to serve well-prepared dinner. ^_^

1_1 재료All you need is rice leftovers, hot or cold, Kimchi, ham(or bacon) and eggs(if you want an omelette-style). Kimchi in the above picture has been matured for 7 months in the Kimchi refrigerator and the level of fermentation and slightly sour taste is perfect for Kimchi Bokkembap. If you buy ready-made Kimchi and reserve it in a normal refrigerator too long a time, the taste will become too sour. However, don’t throw it away. You can cook other dishes with sour Kimchi.

2_1 조리과정

1. Slice Kimchi and ham.

2. Stir-fry the sliced Kimchi and ham in oil.

3. Add one and a half teaspoon of sugar

4. Add the rice leftovers and mix them well.  7 완성2It’s so simple and easy. If you prefer an omelette style, you can wrap Kimchi Bokkembap with a plain omelette.  The match between Kimchi Bokkembap and eggs is also fantastic. 7 완성1


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