“Samgyetang” Chicken Soup with Ginseng

6_5 저장

When the hot summer begins in Korea, the consumption of chickens skyrocketes due to three special days ‘bok-nal(복날).’ On each bok-nal (Chobok(초복), Joongbok(중복), Malbok(말복)) from June to July by lunar month , Koreans usually eat ‘Samgyetang,’ chicken soup with ginseng, to survive in the sweating hot summer. We believe that it energizes our body when we’re tired and it is especially good for people of strong ‘Yin‘ type, with cold hands or feets. My mom has made Samgyetang every summer for the sake of my family’s health.

1 ingredients[Ingredients] (for 3~4 people) Two whole Chickens, Ginseng(인삼), glutinous rice(찹쌀), dried seeded jujube(말린대추), garlic(마늘), salt(소금), green onion(파)

Wash all the ingredients and remove some fat parts on the bottom of the chickens.

2 Stuffing[Stuffing] Stuff the glutinous rice, dried jujubes, sliced ginseng and garlics from the bottom of the chicken.

3 sewing[Sewing] Sew the bottom of the chicken with toothpicks tight so that the ingredients inside wouldn’t pop out.

4 boiling[Boiling] Put the stuffed chickens in cold water and boil them for more than 1 hour. When the water begins to boil, add a half spoon of salt.

6_1 완성

When you serve Samgyetang, sprinkle some sliced green onions and prepare some salts mixed with black pepper. You can add it to the broth to your taste or dip a piece of chicken on it.

6_3 완성

Does it look too naked? ^_*  The ginseng may taste a little bitter, but good medicine tastes bitter.  And it completely removes an odor of chicken meat.

6_4 완성This is my favorite part, glutinous rice inside of chicken. Dig up the rice with your spoon and eat it with the hot chicken broth and Kimchi. Perfect!!!


  1. I know this is popularly eaten in the hotter months, but I’m really looked forward to eating it again during the cold winters! One of my favourite dishes since coming to Korea.

  2. I wish I could dig up the rice with my spoon too. The instructions are clear and well presented and that rice must taste very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jessie- you’re getting so professional with every upload^^
    Making Samgyetang looks actually easy on your blog too^^

  4. Nice recipe and step-by-step photos! I love samgyetang! I remember going to eat it at a popular restaurant in Seoul on one of those 3 days in the summer… I think we waited in line for about 2 hours before getting a table!

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