Fried Chicken Wings in Soysauce

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Do you know any culture or custome that prohibits eating chicken?  I guess chickens are the most widely loved meat. There are many Korean dishes of which main ingredient is chicken such as ‘Samgyetang(삼계탕)’, hot chicken soup or ‘Dakgalbi(닭갈비)’, stir-frying marinated chicken. However, Koreans’ favorite chicken dish may be fried chicken. There is even a new expression, ‘ChiMac(치맥),’ which is a combined word of ‘fried Chicken and Macjoo(맥주: beer in Korean)’ There are various versions of fried chickens according to sauces, BBQ, soysauce, red pepper paste, garlic etc. My mom’s recipe is fried chicken wings in soysauce-based sauce.

1 wings

[Main Ingredients] Chicken wings(24 pieces), potato starch, alcoholic beverages for cooking(Mirim: 미림), oil for frying, ground black pepper

[Sauce ingredients] garlics, dried red pepper, soysauce, syrup, sugar, walnut or pine nut

[Chicken wings]

1. Wash chicken wings in fresh water and make cuts in the wings.

2. Sprinkle ground black pepper and pour alcoholic beverage on them. (anything that removes smell of chicken will be OK.)

3. Leave them for about 30 minutes.

4. Coat the wings with potato starch.

2 frying wings

5. Fry the starch-coated wings in oil twice. First, fry until their color turn light brown and fry them again until they turn a little dark brown as shown in the picture.


3 sauce1. Slice the dried red peppers and mince the garlics. (you can skip dried red peppers if they are not available.)

2. Stir fry the minced garlics in oil on low height of the flame and add 3 spoons of soysauce, 1 spoon of syrup and 1 spoon of sugar. If the syrup you use is sweet enough, then taste the sauce first and add some more sugar to your taste.

  (I use Korean traditional malt syrup, called ‘Mool-yut(물엿),’ which is not so sweet as sugar, but it makes them look glossy.)

3. Add the sliced dried red pepper and turn off the heat.

4. Pour the fried chicken wings in the wok and mix them well with the sauce.

12 완성2Last touch is to sprinkle minced walnuts or pine nuts on the top of files of chicken wings.

How about ‘ChiMac’ tonight? ^_^

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