Special Thanks to…

This is a new header of my blog which was created by my friend, So-young(Sopi). The background image is a traditional Korean paper handmade from mulberry trees. The paper is called “Hanji(한지)“.  And she created the cute design on the right bottom matching the concept of my blog.

손도장 copy

The red Korean character(손:Son[soun]) on the left means ‘hand’. You will see this image on photos, which will notify that they are from Mommyson.

어머니 copyThis is my Gravatar that Sopi created based on my mom’s image. Almost every mid-to-old women in Korea has the same hair style, short curled hair(파마머리). You will understand what I mean if you visit Korea or see Korean dramas on TV. And my Gravatar wears a Korea traditional costume, “Hanbok(한복)”.  Hanbok is a beautiful costume and personally I like it very much, but these days, we wear it only on New Year’s Day(Seolnal:설날), Korean Thanksgiving Day(Chuseok:추석) or on a special day like wedding.

I love this Gravatar and thank my friend, Sopi, for having created such a wonderful Gravatar for my blog.

Sopi and I went to the same high school and college. She was so talented at drawing cartoons and caricatures from high school days and is now working as an illustrator. Her drawings are all warm-hearted and make me smile. You can also visit her portfolio website(http://www.picturebook-illust.com/illustrator/gallery_set.html?id=sopi) or her blog(http://blog.naver.com/kyungcap).  I bet you will also like her works. ^_^

I’m a complete novice at blogging, photography and food plating, but I’m so blessed to have many talented people around me.  My blog owes them much.

So I would like thank them all through this posting.

Special Thanks to….

Sopi(So-young): She contributed to fabulous design of my blog and Gravatar.

Mr. Ryu: I learned how to take good food pictures from my colleague, who is a professional photographer.

Mr. Park: My pictures are getting better with my colleague’s DSLR.

I also thank all my friends and colleagues who encouraged me to begin this blog.


  1. hi mom. Do you remember? I had promised to send the Shiitake mushroom to you 3months ago in Wha-sun.
    I look forward to your contact.

    1. Hi, I have a Korean mom and a German dad. Just ran across your blog. I know exactly how you feel about these recipes. Haha…just the same here. I will follow your blog 🙂

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