“Janchi Guksu” Noodle in Hot Anchovy Broth

잔치국수 완성1

It’s May. May is a wedding season. Regardless of whether it is a western-style or a traditional Korean wedding ceremony, one kind of food is always served. That’s ‘Janchi Guksu(잔치국수),’ which is noodle with vegetable toppings in hot anchovy broth. ‘Janchi’ is a feast or banquet and ‘Guksu’ is noodles in Korean.  Why do we eat noodles in a wedding ceremony? It’s because noodles symbolize longevity in a wedding. However, Korean people enjoy Janchi Guksu anytime and sometimes eat it as a light meal after meat.

My mom sometimes makes Janchi Guksu on weekends because it takes quite a long time to prepare broth, toppings and noodles altogether. My mom’s recipe of Janchi Guksu does not include meat at all and so it tastes light and clean.

2 국물내기[ Anchovy Broth] (for 3~4 people)

1. Add one grab of Anchovies and 1/4 of radish in water(1.6L= 0.4 gallon) and boil them.

2. When the water starts to boiling hard, add one sheet of dried kelp. Boil them for about 10 minutes and remove the kelp from the broth.(If the kelp stays in hot water so long, its resin oozes.)

3. When the broth boils again, add two and half spoons of soysauce.

4. Remove anchovies and radish and add sliced onions.

5. For the last, add clams. (If you add clams so early, they may become a little hard to chew.)


6 야채완성

Ingredients: Cucumber, Zucchini, Chinese Chive, Eggs(2), soysauce, minced garlic, ground sesame seeds, oil

3 부추양념Topping 1: Chinese Chive

1. Blanch Chinese Chives in hot water. (1~2 minutes)

2. Cool down the blanched Chinese Chives in cold water.

3. Cut them into four parts.

4. Add half spoon of soysauce and ground sesame seeds and mix them well.

4 호박볶기Topping 2: Zucchini

1.  Slice zucchini

2. Add two table spoons of salt and marinate them for about 10 minutes.

3. Wash the marinated zucchini in cold water.

4. Stir fry the zucchini in oil and add one table spoon of minced garlic.

5 지단만들기

Topping 3: Eggs

1. Pour the stirred eggs onto the warmed pan with oil and thinly spread to make one round sheet of eggs.

2. Slice it.

오이Topping 4: Cucumber

1. Just slice a cucumber.

8 양념장만들기[Sauce(Yangnyeomjang: 양념장)]

1. Slice red and green peppers.

2. Mince them with a knife.

3. Mix the minced red and green peppers with two spoons of soysauce and on spoon of red pepper flakes.

7 국수삶기[Noodle]

1. Put noodles in hot boiling water.

2. When the noodles are boiled enough, wash them hard in cold water.

9 국수담기Tip : Pour the hot broth onto the cold noodles and remove the broth and reiterate this to warm the noodles. And add the toppings on the noodles in the hot broth.

잔치국수 완성3Add the sauce and mix them well before you eat.

잔치국수 완성2


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