“Tteokbokki” Spicy rice cake

1 싸이와 가래떡If you are a fan of a Korean singer, ‘Psy’ whose song, “Gangnam style,” made a big hit all over the world, you should have seen his brand-new music video, “Gentleman.” Maybe you’ve noticed that Psy is dancing with something that looks like a white snake in his mouth and have wondered what he is biting. The white thing in the picture is “Garaetteok(가래떡),” a kind of Korean rice cakes. We usually make or buy a longer and thicker type of Garaetteok in the picture on the right side to eat on New Year’s Day. I’ll make a posting on that dish later. Today, we will use short finger-size Graetteok to make “Tteobokki(떡볶이),” which is one of the most popular snacks and street foods in Korea. You can easily come across street vendors which sell Tteokbokki, especially near schools. When we are hungry around 4 pm at the office, we sometimes draw lots to decide one payer for Tteokbokki. ^_^

Like other foods, there are various versions of Tteokbokki according to what you add. Usually the main ingredient for sauce is Gochujang(고추장), red pepper paste. However, my mom uses ‘red pepper flakes’ instead of Gochujang and add beef, which is a big secret of my mom’s Tteokbokki recipe.

1_1 재료Ingredients: Garaetteok, beef(prime cuts), onion, green onion, red pepper flake, ground black pepper, soysauce, sugar

Chop onion and beef in small size.

2 간장소스만들기1. Stir-fry the chopped beef and onion in oil and add a little groud black pepper.

2. Add one and half spoons of soysauce.

3. Add the sliced green onion.

4. Add 2/3 spoon of sugar.

(If you do not like spicy foods, stop here and add Garaetteok and mix them well until Garaetteok soak the sauce up. That will be a soysauce-based Tteokbokki. )

If you are addicted to spicy foods, the next step is…..

3 고추가루 추가

1.  Add one and a half spoons of red pepper flakes. (the amount depends on your preference)

2.  Add the figer-size Garaetteok and mix them well with the sauce.

3.  Add some water and boil them until the sauce soaks into the Garaetteok.


대문사진3Please eat Tteokbokki with a glass of juice or water to put off fire on your tongue. ^_^


  1. I absolutely love this dish and I love the step by step instructions, it was really easy to follow and thank you.

  2. I kept on thinking “that looks like Psy, and now you confirm it’s him. Thanks for teaching me about rice cake. The spicy rice cake looks delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks! If you eat Tteokbokki in winter time with hot soup, they absolutely warm you up, but we enjoy this dish anytime. I hope you enjoy it. ^^

  4. This looks absolutely fantastic! (Love the step-by-step photos, too.) Seems like more of a winter dish, but perhaps I’ll give it a try soon.

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