“Gimbap” Boiled rice rolled in Gim(dried seaweed)

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Everyone has good memories of school picnics. While kids are so excited about going on a picnic that they do not go to bed early, Korean moms have to get up early in the morning to  make a lunch box for their kids. ‘Gimbap’ is the most popular menu for a picnic lunch box in Korea. Every mom has her own recipe for Gimbap and so kids share theirs with friends to taste various versions of Gimbap. My mom used to make more than 20 rolls of Gimbap for our breakfast and lunch boxes of four siblings from 5 am in the morning. I’m still vividly reminded of the picnic days when many rolls of Gimbap were stacked up on our kitchen table. It was like a Gimbap restaurant. ^^ The picture in the above picture is a group photo of mine when I was 12 years old.

Gimbap is not a Korean traditional dish, but it’s almost Koreanized and popular as a light meal for Korean people. I admit that it’s not an easy food to make, but for a special day, your try and efforts will not turn you down.

1 재료 소개Ingredients: spinach, carrot, burdock root, ham, pickled radish, egg, rice and Gim (dried seaweed), salt, sugar, soysauce, ground sesame seed

Slice a carrot, burdock roots, hams in a similar  thickness. You can peel off the burdock roots with a potato peeling knife.

Add  some salt into eggs(6 eggs for 2 omeletes) and stir them.

2 우엉 조림[Burdock root] Stir-fry the sliced burdock roots(5 roots in the picture) in oil and add soysauce(3 spoons) and sugar(1 spoon). Turn down the heat and leave them boiling until soysauce almost disappear and the roots turn brown. (We eat the boiled burdock roots as they are in the picture as a side dish.)

3 당근 스팸 시금치[Carrot] Stir-fry the sliced carrots with a little salt in oil. [Ham] Bake the sliced hams.

[Spinach] Blanch the spinach in boiling water for about two minutes. Add a little salt and ground sesame seed in the squeezed spinach and mix them well.

4 계란지단[Egg]  Make plain omeletes over medium-low heat. Carefully fold it three times. Slice the finished one after it cools down slightly. You can make 5 slices in one omelete.

6 재료 모듬All the ingredients for Gimbap are ready. These are basic. You can add sliced cheese, slightly pickled cucumber instead of spinach, minced beef, or tuna to your taste.

5 식초물 밥만들기Now we have to season the boiled rice(Bap).  There are some Gimbap restaurants which do not season Bap, but my mom and I prefer seasoning.

Put 3 spoons of vinegar, one spoon of salt and one spoon of sugar in a pot. Stir them well while they are boililng. If the salt and sugar dissolve, turn off the heat.

Add boiled vinegar in the boiled rice(for 5 people, 8 rolls of Gimbap) and mix them well with a rice paddle. Fan the boiled rice while you’re mixing them to cool them down.

7 김밥 싸기Are you ready to make Gimbap? You need a bamboo Gimbap roller, but you can also buy a silicon roller these days.

1. Spread the seasoned rice on one sheet of dried seaweed.

2. Put the ingredients on the rice one by one, one slice of the egg omelet, two slices of ham, one or two slices of the carrot, spinach, some slices of the boiled burdock roots, and one slice of the pickled radish.

3. Carefully roll them from the bottom part while pressing the ingredients with your fingers.

4. Roll them tight and repeat it once more.

8 김밥 완성We’re done. Just grab one roll and take a bite!!! My father always eats Gimbap as it is in the picture above, not slicing them at all.

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Why don’t you go on a picnic with a lunch box of Gimbap on weekend?


  1. I bought two rolls of Gimbap today for my children….so sorry that I can’t make them like your mom *sigh*

  2. I used to use less salt than mom. That’s why my Gimbap is a little bland. Um… Rice seasoning is important to us. ^^ I made Gimbap today. You should have seen Scott eating Gimbap. He put a whole one in his mouth, chewed and swallowed one by one. He even stretched his hand to Sean’s plate. Unbelievable, huh?

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