“Pajeon” Pancake of green onions and seafoods


When it drizzels outside, people who are working at the office ask their colleagues, “How about going for Makgeolli with Pajeon tonigt?”  There are some dishes that naturally occur to people when it rains or snows. “Pajeon” is a Korean pancake of green onions and other additional ingredients depending on the variety and season and it is loved by people especially when it rains or it is chilly outside.  And Makgeolli, which is a Korean traditional alcoholic beverage, rice wine, is the best match for Pajeon. I think Pajeon is the dish whose ingredients are obtainable wherever you live. It is one of typical Korean foods but, I guess, its taste seems to be quite universal.

1 재료All you need to cook Pajeon are green onions, various seafoods such as clams, prawns, oysters or squids, flour, eggs and green and red pepper for garnishing. Today, my mom used just clams and small prawns. Before you bake Pajeon, mince clams, slice green and red peppers. Prepare well-stirred eggs(2 eggs for one Pajeon) and mixture of the flour and water(as thick as pancake batter) in separate bowls.

2 조리과정

Now let’s make Pajeon. (1) Rinse green onions. (2) Sprinkle flour onto the green onions like snowflakes. (3)  Oil the frying pan, add batter thinly and put green onions on the batter side by side. Put evenly minced clams and sprinkle flour a little on them. (4) After you top prawns, add the rest of the batter. (5) Add evenly the stirred eggs on the top to cover all the ingredients. (6) Lastly garnish sliced green and red peppers on the top.

Baking Pajeon is almost same as baking a pancake. Flip when bubbles appear across top of Pajeon and a little dry around the edges. It is a little tricky part because Pajeon can be deformed, if you do not succeed to flip it in a second. All I can do for you is to wish you a good luck. ^_^ Anyway, if you’re successful, turn and brown the other side of Pajeon.

 3 완성사진

You do not have to cut Pajeon like a pizza, it is more natural to irregularly tear it with chopsticks and slightly dip a piece of Pajeon into mix of soysauce and vineger. I recommend you to eat Pajeon with Makgeolli if it is available in your place. Makgeolli is a very inexpensive alcoholic beverage which was farmers’ alcohol in old days and now represents common people. It is about 6-8 % alcohol by volume. Since it is made by fermenting a mixture of boiled rice and water,  believe or not, it is said to be good for diet.

My father likes this posting very much because he loves Makgeolli. While he and I was eating my mom-made Pajeon and Makgeolli together in the evening, the raindrops were unlocking the door of the spring outside .


    1. ^^ There are many kinds of ‘Jeon’ in Korea, which look similar to pancake, but actually different kinds of foods. We make Jeon with sea food, meat, vegetables, mungbeen puree or Kimchi. We don’t eat Jeon as a breakfast or brunch like pancake. It is a main side dish which matches well with Korean traditional rice wine. ^^

      1. I will definitely try to make it again soon! I’ve made it a few times before, but just with scallions or zucchini… never with shrimp or squid (even though I love to eat both of those). I actually brought back a pajeon flour mix from Korea the last time I was there that includes Acorn Flour!

  1. Yummy Yummy ♥
    I also had Makgeolli and Pork hocks yesterday.
    Fantastic harmony : Pajeon & Makgeolli
    Must – taste! Must cook!

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