“Bulgogi” Grilled Marinated Beef

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Bulgogi” may be the most well-known Korean dish and Koreans often enjoy Bulgogi at restaurants or at home. There are many ways to cook Bulgogi and you can easily make your own variations by adding other ingredients. My mom’s recipie is very simple and basic, which means it is easy to cook by yourself.

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The part of beef that my mom usually buys for Bulgogi is cuts of front leg, but you can choose just sirloin or other prime cuts of beef. In Korea, beef for ‘Bulgogi‘ is sold in slice at the market, but my sister, who now lives in Chicago, told me that she buys chunks of beef, slightly freeze them, and slice them at home.

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Making marinade is a key when you cook Bulgogi. For 600 grams(about 1.3bl) of beef, you need three spoons of soy sauce first(from upper left) and add a slight of black pepper, one spoon of grinded sesame seeds, one and a half spoons of sugar, and one spoon of minced garlics. Mix all the ingredients well.

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Mix the slices of beef with the marinade and add slices of green onions. Keep in mind that good taste also comes from your own hands. ^^ My mom adds just slices of green onions, but you can add mushrooms or slices of onions.

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Marinate the beef for a while.(my mom says only 10 to 20 minutes are enough) and grill the marinated beef in a frying pan.

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This is it. Too easy and simple? You don’t have to bother to look for a Korean restaurant to eat Bulgogi from now on. You can cook for your family or friends at home and also teach them how to eat Bulgogi in a Korean way as below.

7 쌈싸먹기 Put some pieces of Bulgogi on layers of lettuce and sesame leaf and add ‘Ssamjang‘ a little. Wrap them with your own hands and eat it in big mouthful!!! Ssamjang is a mix of Gochujang(red pepper paste) and Doenjang(bean paste). You may buy Ssamjang at a Korean market. You can also add rice in a wrap.

Why don’t you try a Bulgogi party at home on weekends?


  1. I wish you could have a wonderful Bulgogi party with your boyfriend. ^_^ Please let me know his response after you make it. Good luck!!!

  2. I didn’t know it was so easy to make this! I’ve been wanting to try making some Korean dishes for my half Korean boyfriend. He will be so happy. : ) Great post!

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