“Bap” Rice Cooking

2 쌀The staple food in Korea is rice(sticky rice) and we call boiled or steamed rice “Bap“. We, Koreans eat Bap almost every day and there is a saying that Koreans  live by energy from Bap. Knowing how to cook rice used to be an important qualification for a new bride, but these days, an electric rice cooker is the most essential cooking instrument that a bride should purchase before wedding.  When you cook rice, you can also use a normal pot or a pressure cooker, but it may be a little bit difficult to make delicious Bap if you don’t know how much you have to pour water or how to control heat.  Today, I will give you a useful tip for cooking rice with a normal pot, especially for people who don’t have a rice cooker at home.

1 쌀독 This is a rice container which my mom made. Ever since we stored rice in this pottery, rice weevils have completely disappeared in our house. I recommend you to use a ceramic container rather than plastic one.

3 물맞추기

 After you rinse rice in cold fresh water, put the rice in a pot and pour water until the water slightly covers your fingers as shown above. This is the rule almost every Korean is aware of and it applies regardless of what kind of instruments you use.  However, you can adjust amount of water according to your taste because some people prefer rice with full of moisture, but others, including me, like less moisturized Bap. You will find out appropriate amount by trial and error.

4 밥짓기 시작Put the pot containing the rice and water on a gas range and boil it with middle strong height of the flame first.

5 밥짓기 끓기 When the water in the pot is boiling hard, turn the heat to the low and let it simmer, uncovered, until the water has almost disappeared on the surface.

6 밥짓기 끝When the water completely disappears, cover the rice with the lid again, turn off the gas, let it settle in its own steam for a while, for 5 to 10 minutes and then you will find mouthwatering Bap.

7 밥 한그릇

Now can you cook rice with your own pot? Then, maybe you’re better at rice cooking than Korean people. ^^


  1. What a hilarious story! does that mean cooking rice in a rice cooker never goes wrong? I have never used a rice cooker, i just cook the rice on the stove the normal way. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Cooking rice in a rice cooker sometimes goes wrong if water is not enough or too much. And if we keep the cooked rice in it for long, the rice may turn slightly yellow.

    1. Yeah, my mom has made many ceramic rice containers and they were wonderful wedding presents for my cousins. I also use my mom-made container at home.

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