“Japchae” Glass Noodles with vegetables

9 final1

Japchae” is a famous Korean food which is served on a special day such as a birthday or housewarming day. But my mom has often made ‘Japchae-Bap(Rice mixed with Japchae)’  and so ‘Japchae‘ is a daily dish for my family. My mom says that Japchae is one of the most convenient foods to serve because she does not have to care about other side dishes. However, one side dish that should go with is “Kimchi (upper left),” which Korean people cannot live without.

Let me share my mom’s secret way to enjoy Japchae. If you are fond of spicy foods, mix boiled rice and Japchae with a spoonful of  ‘Gochujang(red pepper paste)’ (upper right).  

2 noodle

1_1 ingredientsThe main ingredient of “Dangmyeon(glass noodle)” is starch of sweet potato. You will see why it is called as ‘glass’ noodle when you boil it.  My mom usually uses those ingredients above and pine mushroom was added as today’s special ingredient to show that you can add some other ingredients that are available in your country.

3 stir fry meat

4 boil soysauce5 sugar6 noodle boililng



7 strain noodle

8 chinese chive

10 final 211 final 3

Look yummy? You can also make Japchae for your family or friends. If you become familiar with this dish, I recommend that you try Gochujang someday. ^^


  1. The pictures make it so easy to follow directions – I will try to make this for dinner tonight (my kids thank you for providing a variety to their daily palate); l
    ooking forward to more culinary adventures.

  2. Wow~!! Congratulations on your delightful blog^^ Wonderful pictures too! Not to mention your wonderful mum^^ I’m sure I will be a frrquent visitor- Good luck!♥♥♥

  3. “Leek” is often marked as “Chives” or “Chinese Chives” at Korean market
    – Correspondent for Chicago

  4. Finally, mom’s secret will be revealed 🙂 Anyone can make japchae easily with this recipe. Don’t be afraid. You can put soy sauce and sugar as your taste. Please don’t add too much from the first. Even though you live abroad not in Korea, you can buy all ingredients at Korean mart or some Asian mart( I live in Chicago). You can also replace “leek” to “spinach”. Good luck, mom & sis!

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